Sunday, May 27, 2012


assalamualaikum everyone..

today,I feel really delighted,but it is not the happiest day that i never experience in my life,
haahaaa,just for fun..  :)

be a good friend is a really major great in the world..
as me,I have many friendship and I never think how my life is going on without it..,
absolutely i feel afraid if i loss it..cause I will be alone..
there's no one want to be alone..NO ONE right?

there are my beloved friend until die :

you know,as I am..the one of them,I never thought that we can be closer..as now..
from the begin,we just a classmates who studied in the same class,
same age,also take the same nine subject for engineering drawing..eventhought the sucject is too vexed..(seriously..tp pkir + je lha kn) ^^

have you ever heard the statement,"xkenal maka xcinta.."?
i agree with it..
no one knows who we are till they tried to find out it by themselves..
not by others..

so,actually at first,i felt : oh my goodness,ni ke kawan2 aku sampai abes kola??
maluu2 jekk semua..
but who thought that there are something differences from them that does not have dari org lain..
i've never expect that they can change my feelings in to the positive ..

studied in the cloud nine,sp xnak kn?

btw,we have already being the spm candidate for 2012..
after the biggest exam,are we still closer as now?
hopeful of course the relate never end..
for them :
suka layan otak gile2 korg,semue sporting (iyeke??)
err,propa tak??haha, (for those who dont know us,better shut your mouth  ;D)
bagi yg pendiam,kadang2 ubi berisi jugak.. (bhye mention  (:)
btw,good luck tok exam..harap yg nk dicapai akn tercapai lha kn..
jgn smpi yg dikejar xdpt yg digendong pulak berciciran   :D